Sven Young

Sven Young

Head of Management/ Sr Project Manager – MANAGEMENT

The power of voice (and communication) is something that goes well with our head of management and super senior project manager Sven. He sees himself as the Freddy Mercury of Skymill, even if he has a background as IRL drummer.  And just like Freddy, Sven is able, not only to take on different roles and play lots of different instruments, but also capitalize on crazy ideas and bring every client's project to shore. What most people don’t know about Sven is that he is reigning swedish champion in model building, with a special interest in military vehicles.

Why do you work at Skymill, Sven?

Hands down, the people. Great people always equals a great place to work. We have collected the best minds and talents in the region, and the passion for what we do shines through in our work and in the quality of what we deliver. That's why our clients keeps on involving us in anything from management to software development and cloud architecture. 

People who want to be part of an exciting adventure and want to hone their skills and become a virtuoso should ́t think twice about joining this fantastic,  ever growing, team.

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