Jonas is our bass guitar player that holds Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth as his personal hero, in control of any situation but still in the background. Bass guitar is the foundation of any music piece, remove it and everything comes crumbling down. That is why this would be the instrument of choice for Jonas. Sonic Youth in general would be a good metaphor for Jonas's creative philosophy, always going forward with his own original ideas and not trying to live up to any fads or hypes. Simply creating what he believes in and what he would enjoy as a consumer. Jonas is the front end expert at Skymill, running his own team but also helping out with code reviews and interviews in order to help the company grow. 

When Jonas is off from work, he dedicates his time and energy to his main interest: moist tobacco (snus). He actually came pretty far in creating a coffee table book on the subject “Snus in the world” with pictures, history and other fun facts about Snus.

Why do you work at Skymill, Jonas?

Skymill is a small but growing business and that suits me very well. I was actively looking for this type of company when I was first approached: a company where everyone takes care of  each other and where I can have beer for lunch. I get to be a part of an exciting time for the company, able to put my personal touch on the company but also get the opportunity to work on projects that are really in the forefront of development. We are the company that gets things done and this is why our customers keep on coming back, project after project.

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