Rikard is somewhat of a hybrid between Developer and Project Manager. Right now he is doing both API integrations and acting as Scrum Master for one of our clients as well as managing the internal, very awesome project SKYNET. He sees himself as the Mike Patton (Faith No More) of the Skymill band, simply because he is as unafraid of doing whatever interests him at the moment and doesn't pay any attention to limits like genre.

The main instrument for Rikard would be singing. Partly because he likes to sing, and partly because he is very talkative, social and has no issue what so ever being in the spotlight. 

Rikards nerd factor would be NES. As the story goes Rikard first held a game controller when he was 6 months old and it kind of escalated from there. He is also very passionate about 3D printing.

Why do you work at Skymill, Rikard?

I've worked at places with the classic "flat hierarchy" before, but when it comes to skymill that is actually super true. I also feel like I really get heard when I bring stuff up, no matter if it is to HR or one of the owners.

You as a customer should think of Skymill like food. You could buy food from big name brands, but the animals wont have been treated very nice, and the veggies are soaked in pesticides. Or, you could get the small, extra delicious and superb food (that's Skymill in this analogy) and know that while you are getting a great result, you are also a nice person! 

Besides my lovely puns, and the great colleagues, I'd say that Skymill offers a fair paycheck, great sense of togetherness between everyone and generally a fun workday. Also, puns, don't forget about puns!


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