Lenny is a veteran programmer acting as our Tech Lead for the Front End department. He has deep understanding of software development and finds inspiration for his solutions not only from other programmers and other code, but from all around him. His way of working with software development, resembles the way Martjin Garritsen (Martin Garix) works with music. Lenny's motto is "learn from the past, improve the present and create amazing solutions for the future.

As tech lead, Lenny sets the rhythm for the whole amazing front end department, making sure that they are all moving in beat. Lenny is equally passionate about developing people as he is about software. It doesn't matter if you are coming directly from school, or if you have worked in the field of programming for many years; together with Lenny you are going to keep evolving your skills, learn from others, and expand your knowledge within fields that you feel passionate about.

Lenny's nerd factor is definitely "learning and "evolving" and he has 500+ credits within the fields of Computer Science, Business and Administration and Mechanical Engineering to prove it.

Why do you work at Skymill, Lenny?

Skymill understands that, in order to attract the best people, then there is a need to offer the best work place. Skymill is NOT a place where you get recruited and then shipped of to a customer’s company and you will rarely see your colleagues. Instead, many of the projects taken on by Skymill are in-house projects where you will work at the office together with the rest of your colleagues. On top of this, Skymill hosts a lot of team building events. As an example, there are the
weekly Skymill Tuesdays, where experiences and geeky knowledge is being shared. It could be someone making a quick presentation about a new framework they have tried, or someone showing what cool stuff they have printed on their awesome 3D-printer.

If you are looking for a place to work where you will continuously learn from, and with, your friends at work, where you will get mentorship and support from your colleagues, and where you get to work with many different technologies, then Skymill is the place

And of course the way Skymill treats their team members gives value for our clients. We will be more of a partner and companion to our clients, along the entire project, from start to finish line. It does not matter if you need help with organizing a complex project, or if you need an expert to help you with your tech stack and the development of your software, or if you want to bring your system to the cloud. We will be there, right by your side, for as long as you require our assistance.



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