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Staffan Ehrlin

Staffan Ehrlin

Head of People & Organization

30-something guy who spent his whole life working hard towards becoming "Head of People and Organization" for a consultant company just like Skymill.

Well, no... not really. The 30-something is true, but I spent my life doing all diffrent kinds of things, From musician and dj, to professional manager and amateur kickboxer. But whatever I´ve been doing, I´ve always tried to keep the "playfullness" in it (which is probably why I never made it as a kickboxer, I wanted to play and they wanted to knock me out)

What I have learned about myself and my own goals is that I love "change" and "development". I really want to figure out what it is that sparks change and how one is able to steer development towards whatever goals one may have. And when I talk about change and development I´m refering to both people and organizations. So I guess I found a perfect match by working within People & Organization!


0702 12 63 14

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