Pavel holds Daron Malakian (System of a Down, Scars on Broadway) as his main musical inspiration and always tries to apply the same lust for exploring new fields and learning new techniques as Daron. But as Pavel puts it: it’s not the person behind the craft that is important, it is the craft in itself. The roles that Pavel has taken in work life are more of “secondary roles” as infrastructure specialist, not doing the magic himself, but making sure that magic can happen. Other than being a cloud architect, devops- and systems administration guru, Pavel is also a linguistic wizard. Even though he realizes that no one can ever be a true wizard of any language, since they are constantly evolving and changing, this is also what keeps it interesting.

Why do you work at Skymill, Pavel?

For me it's all about the friendly attitude and helping each other. I have a hard time keeping an important-million-dollar-business mask on my mug all the time and it is never needed in Skymill. Being able to discuss serious stuff in a laid-back friendly atmosphere is worth a lot and I'm yet to discover the limits of stupid jokes tolerance in the company. After Work parties are always a blast, and getting a free lunch now and then is also really nice. Damn, I love free food! Our customers keeps on coming back because we are good at what we do, so why would they choose someone else when they could have rock stars kickin’  butt project-wise.

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